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Our School, 6th Form, College & University clubs program is by far the most popular of our Extra curricular activities we run. We offer after School clubs and Lunch time clubs ranging from an hour or longer, these alternate sporting clubs are a great way to bring something new to your School.


The clubs are very popular giving children the opportunities to engage with sports with different children after the day has done, which they might not be able to other wise attend elsewhere. Our lunch time clubs provide children a great opportunity to participate in some sporting activities over the lunch period rather thn just sitting about or not having something to do. The lunch time clubs are usually attended with a pack up as the children can take breaks through out the lunch time session to eat, yet still engaging the children in activity.


As we mentioned above the clubs get booked up fast so be sure to book your place in advance, we usually run clubs from 3pm to 5pm depending on what time the School finishes for the day, Lunch clubs usually run from 12pm-2pm, again depending on what time the School has the lunch break.


- After School Club:


Great alternate after school provision giving children the opportunity to engage with sports which aren't curriculum based whilst building key and social skills with other chilren.


- Lunch Time Club:


Another great provision providing children with the opportunity to engage with non curricular based activities keeping active and healthy over the lunch period

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