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Active Sports work with Schools, Youth Clubs, County, Town & Parish Councils running full day events, extra curricular activities, replacement P.E lessons and much more. We’re registered with local authorities and our Instructors are all enhanced DBS checked as well as trained in child protection & safeguarding.


We base the sessions around exercise, we will instruct In a safe and controlled environment delivering knowledge about our sports and the fundamentals. We aim to develop the children's abilities of: Self-confidence, self-esteem, dicipline, balance and movement.


Each session is one hour long, the sessions can be a replacement P.E lesson or a School club and spread over a number of weeks, we can instruct up to 20 children per session & coach between the hours of 9am-8pm Monday to Sunday.
















The package Active provides includes the following:


- Travel Time


Travel time is inclusive in the price for the hour we instruct, we only charge for the hour we instruct.


- Travel Costs


Travel costs are inclusive of the price for the hour we instruct if you reside with in with in the East Yorkshire & Humberside Area.


- Coaching / Instruction


Coach from a full day to one hour to suit your needs.


- Equipment


We Provide and bring all the equipment along with us.


- Safety Equipment


We Provide and bring the entire safety equipment with us, which includes: Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for peace of mind.


- Public Liability Insurance (Of Five Million Pounds.)


 We have Public Liability Insurance Incase of the unlikely situation of an accident.


- First Aid Cover


We are First Aid trained in case of accidents & injuries.


- Travel to you and work in any space (If wet a sports hall would be preferred.)


We travel to you and instruct in an area you provide for us.


- Carry out a Health & Safety Risk Assessment before the coaching begins


 Arrive early to carry out a risk assessment of the area we will be Instructing in.


- Qualified & Policed Checked


Fully qualified and Police checked, we will bring all our certificates along with us.



We instruct as follows:



1. Introduction:


Introduction to the coach and equipment.


2. Warm Up:


We demonstrate to the pupils basic balance exercises then ask the pupils to perform the balance exercises on the themselves to improve their balance and co-ordination in turn this also helps to warm their muscles up.


3. Stance:


Learning correct stance and feeling comfortable taught the professional way.


4. Progression:


Once the children have established their basic skills, we then move on to progressing them through our coaching curriculum moving the children on to more advanced  skills, this is a great learning out come as both the children and Schools see progression. 


5: Goal Setting:


Through out our sessions the coaches give high quality demonstrations and break down the entire curriculum into bite size chunks for the children to take in one step at a time, this shows the children what can be done and gives children short term and long term goals to achieve. 


6. The Curriculum:


Our curriculum is a full program taking the children right from an beginners level up to a more advanced level in our sports, at every level passed the pupils will receive a certificate of achievement. 

The children learn great motor skills in balance and coordination as they progress through the curriculum again which is a great learning out come. 

As the children progress they start to build up a greater aerobic capacity for endurance too and becomes more challenging pushing the children’s health and fitness levels too.