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Active offer a great alternate P.E based curriculum to run in Schools, our fully written out curriculum takes children through a range of key skills and learning out comes. If your School is looking to free up some staff and something new we offer a great alternative sports.


Active P.E programs are designed to be more inclusive, active and fun than a traditional P.E class. This concept helps students seek out physical activity they're interested in and develop a lifetime commitment to wellbeing. The Active P.E programs allow students to develop a variety of movement skills and teamwork capabilities, giving children a chance to more likely to seek out these environments on their own or to be asked by others to participate.


Active Implement fun physical activities that children enjoy and will continue to seek out on their own. Of course we want the children to enjoy the P.E class, but a better goal is to teach them fun movement activities they like so much that they want to do them at lunch time, after school and at home as well, more than they want to play video games or watch TV. Part of the trick is to emphasise 'fun' over 'exercise.'


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